Savannah River Farms

Savannah River Farms

A Sustainable Family Farm

Savannah River Farms strives to meet the demands of the growing number of consumers that care about the healthy benefits of no added hormones, non-GMO animal feeds and antibiotic free meats. The farm is located a few miles from the Savannah River in Sylvania, Georgia.

Using only natural methods of raising livestock to yield products that are not only be superior in taste – but provide health benefits as well. The humane treatment of their animals and the sustainability of the farm are both high on the priority list.

At Savannah River Farms, we handle all our own processing on-site, so our animals never have to travel or experience the stress of being handled by anyone unfamiliar. There’s only one way to raise animals – the right way, and we make it our mission to do so on our farm.

No Antibiotics

our animals aren’t given antibiotics
in their feed, water, or by injection

Free Range - Never Confined

our animals roam freely
outdoors rather than being 

No Growth Hormones or Steroids

federal regulations prohibit the
use of added hormones or steroids 

Natural Pesticides

No pesticides are used on our
farm or in the growing of crops

Pasture Raised

our animals receive their nutrition
from a naturally grown

Stress Free Animals

our animals are well fed, cared for
and do not experience unnecessary

Try Our Best Sellers

You'll Be Glad You Did

Ground Beef (2 lbs)

$14.97 /Package

Our Ground Beef is among the most versatile and beloved of meats and can be used in a variety of meals. Create mouth-watering hamburgers or meatloaf, add to lasagna or tacos, roll into meatballs, and more. A staple in most kitchens, ground beef can also be found in unique and classic style recipes. Select from our 1 pound or 2 pounds.

Contact us for wholesale and restaurant pricing.

Pork Chops: Regular 4-Pack
(approx 1.5-2 lbs)

$19.00 /Package

Our Pork Chops are easy, versatile, and delicious. From grilled to oven-baked, slow cook, barbecue, or stuffed, there are plenty of ways to cook pork chops. Enjoy a tasty meal with your loved ones! Select from our 2-pack or 4-pack.

Contact us for wholesale and restaurant pricing.

Ribeye Steak (approx .75-1 lb)

$25.00 /Each

Our Ribeye Steak, considered one of the best steaks, is boneless, rich, tender, juicy and full-flavored, with generous marbling throughout. Ribeye steaks are perfect for a backyard BBQ, special celebrations, holiday meal, or any other occasion. Preferred method of cooking is grilled, pan-seared or baked. Pairs excellent with mashed potatoes, vegetables, and salad.

Contact us for wholesale and restaurant pricing.

Mild Sausage: Links (1 lb)

$8.97 /Package

Bursting with flavor and a touch of spice, our Mild Sausage Links are great on the grill or with pasta sauces. Prefer patties for breakfast, be sure to check out our Mild Sausage Patties.
Meat Loaf or Meatballs? Try our Mild Packaged Sausage. Any option you choose – you won’t be disappointed.

Contact us for wholesale and restaurant pricing.

Know Your Cuts of Beef, Chicken, Lamb, and Pork

A Guide to All the Cuts of Beef

chicken cuts
lamb cuts

Pre-Order Assorted Meats & Sausages

food delivery or pickup is now a click away

Savannah River Farms now offers online ordering where food delivery or pickup is just a click away! Easily pre-order your fresh meats and sausage anytime during the week and at checkout, select a date and time slot for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY- and at your convenience. Quantities are limited.

Pickup Orders (local only): Pickup is available Monday – Friday at Savannah River Farms. Order must be picked up by 5:30PM. Delivery is available to locals with the purchase of whole cow.

Wholesale Orders: Cut-off time for wholesale orders is Tuesday at 4:00PM. Savannah River Farms will deliver to Savannah on Thursday and Atlanta on Friday.

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