Savannah River Farms

Savannah River Farms

A Sustainable Family Farm

Savannah River Farms strives to meet the demands of the growing number of consumers that care about the healthy benefits of no added hormones, non-GMO animal feeds and antibiotic free meats. The farm is located a few miles from the Savannah River in Sylvania, Georgia.

Using only natural methods of raising livestock to yield products that are not only be superior in taste – but provide health benefits as well. The humane treatment of their animals and the sustainability of the farm are both high on the priority list.

At Savannah River Farms, we handle all our own processing on-site, so our animals never have to travel or experience the stress of being handled by anyone unfamiliar. There’s only one way to raise animals – the right way, and we make it our mission to do so on our farm.

No Antibiotics

our animals aren’t given antibiotics
in their feed, water, or by injection

Free Range - Never Confined

our animals roam freely
outdoors rather than being 

No Growth Hormones or Steroids

federal regulations prohibit the
use of added hormones or steroids 

Natural Pesticides

No pesticides are used on our
farm or in the growing of crops

Pasture Raised

our animals receive their nutrition
from a naturally grown

Stress Free Animals

our animals are well fed, cared for
and do not experience unnecessary

Know Your Cuts of Beef, Chicken, Lamb, and Pork

A Guide to All the Cuts of Beef

chicken cuts
lamb cuts

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