Savannah River Farms

Owned and Operated by the Deen Family

a little story about Savannah River Farms Family

Savannah River Farms, established in 2002, is owned and operated by Ben and Kellie Deen. Ben Deen is a fifth generation crop and livestock farmer with farming in his blood. Married over 30 years now, Ben and Kellie have four children and lots of grandchildren.

The Deen family strive to meet the demands of the growing number of consumers that seek healthy benefits of no added hormones, non-GMO animal feeds, and antibiotic free meats. Savannah River Farms not only ensure natural methods of raising their livestock to yield products, but the humane treatment of their animals and sustainability of the farm are both a high priority. 

As the business has grown, so have their offerings for restaurants and wholesalers. The farm now offers weekly deliveries to area restaurants and schools within Atlanta, Savannah, and Statesboro – as well as weekday pickups for the local community. Savannah River Farms stand behind their product, business, and legacy. 

Licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, Savannah River Farms is located a few miles from the Savannah River in Sylvania, Georgia and is open the public. Stop by and say “hello”!

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“We love our careers because the customers we service are so appreciative of what we put into our farming, and are also into healthy cooking which starts with our natural pastured meats. Their support makes any struggles worth it and we wouldn’t trade living in Sylvania, Georgia for anything. It’s like the old cowboy days where everyone helps each other and shares with one another; the neighboring farmers are also our friends.”