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As a chef at a high end, local ingredient based restaurant, it is important for me to source the best quality ingredients from farmers I know I can rely on. Savannah River Farms is exactly that. I personally, have been working closely with Savannah River Farms for four years now and have never received anything but quality in both the ingredients (including various different cuts of meats, ground pork and even chickens and eggs) and wonderful customer service that is easy and accommodating. Once a week, I receive a friendly inquiry about an order and without fail, everything I need shows up on time and exactly what I expected. I love having their name on my menu, at Local 1110, for those who are familiar and for others to discover and become familiar with. I, and the patrons of Local 1110, have always been very pleased with Savannah River Farms superior product.


True story about Savannah River Farms. A few years ago, at a local farmer’s market, they gave me a package of pancetta. I put it in my freezer and figured I’d use it another time. A few months later, I whipped up a pasta and cream sauce using that pancetta. It was fantastic. So much so, a week later, I wanted to have it again so I bought some pancetta at the grocery store. I made the same dish. Same everything except for the pancetta. The dish was 30% of what the first one had been. Great ingredients make a huge difference. They really do, I can’t stress that enough. I love Savannah River Farms pork products. We’ve used them at a number of Eat It and Like It events and demos, including the 2015 Foodie Awards.

Jesse Blanco

Eat It and Like It

We ordered a fresh ham from SRF. Best thing I’ve ever tasted! I will never be happy with a store bought ham again.

Alisa G.

I had been working with and sourcing products from SRF for years at two different restaurants before actually visiting the farm and after seeing first hand the care and love they show the livestock and land I have a deeper appreciation and respect for SRF and a closer relationship with the Deen Family.

Stephen McLain

Executive Chef Alligator Soul Restaurant, Savannah, GA

Best meats I’ve ever cooked and eaten. Fresh and clean. Use their stuff in all my dishes. People rave about the taste.

Jeff E.

Savannah River Farms meat is delicious quality non gmo meat from farmers you can trust! Brighter Day Natural Foods has proudly carried a large variety of SRF meat for over 3 years. We are happy to special order any cuts we don’t stock for our customers. The Deans are friendly and reliable people to work with.


Frozen/Refrigerator Manager, Brighter Day Natural Foods

Savannah River Farms puts culture and tradition back into our food. They’ve taught themselves to go back in charcuterie time, to cure and smoke and salt and ferment like your grandparents grandparents did. Add this to the beautiful woods in which their animals forage, and you end up with a delicious history lesson on your plate every time.

Kim H.

Augusta Locally Grown Food Coop

My local meat co-op has been buying from Savannah River Farms for over three years now. Their meat quality, packaging, quick communication, and honesty concerning their farm and feeding practices are very treasured by my family and countless others. The entire Deen family is always a pleasure to work with and will continue to get business from us in the future!

Kasey M.

I have known the Deen Family for over 4 Years. Their love for farming and raising animals is evident in their farm and product. Knowing where your food comes from and having the confidence that it is ethically and humanely raised and harvested is integral in todays culinary world. They have hands down the best pancetta….even better than what my grandfather Angelo would make.

Chef Joe


My kids and grandkids love to visit Ben and Kellie’s farm to see how the animals are raised and processed. Savannah River Farms is a wonderful place full of pine woods and sunshine, and their products reflect their dedication to our welfare and the welfare of their animals.

Dennis Hutton

I use only Savannah River Farms meat and chicken for my clients, friends and especially family. The freshness, flavor, quality, variety and customer service consistently exceed my expectations. Kellie and Ben have earned my respect and admiration for their dedication to the humane treatment of all their animals. I have been to the farm several times, ridden in the fields and met their happy, healthy hogs, cows and chickens. Believe me, with their access to acres of grassy pastures and the love they receive from the Deens, there is no better or healthier meat or poultry available. And, there are no more knowledgeable, honest or accommodating farmers available than Kellie and Ben Deen.

Charleen Tinley Culinary Connections

Owner and Chef, Augusta, GA

The Bon Appetit team at Emory University in Atlanta, GA is proud to call Savannah River Farms our partner. Starting up a new operation is never an easy task—especially one that feeds thousands of students each day. Kellie, Ben, and the whole family have been with us since day one and have gone above and beyond to meet our needs for local and humane pasture-raised pork. Whatever our request—whether it’s adding a dozen hams to our order for a special event or switching a delivery day—they work with us to find a win-win solution. We love seeing their truck pull up to our dock each Friday and look forward to doing so far into the future.

Alyse Festenstein

Manager of Community Partnerships, Emory Dining Bon Appétit Management Company

Good morning, Kellie! Just wanted to send a note to say we are very happy with the beef!! We have tried most of the cuts and are well satisfied…Thank you very much!! We are really enjoying it…especially Brian…he is the meat-man!!

Julie S.

We have been selling Savannah River Farm meats since 2010 and have many members that are loyal to them. We feel proud to offer their items through the Co-op because we trust that Kellie and Ben are truly committed to the stewardship and well being of their animals. We have visited their farm and have seen their commitment to healthy, clean and pastured raised animals in order to provide the best products to our Savannah community.

Carmen V.

Savannah Food Co-op Savannah, GA

We wholeheartedly recommend SRF to everyone! The leanest meats whether it’s sausage, ground meat, steaks! The flavor is so rich and you can’t compare to supermarket meats!

Judi R

I have had the pleasure of working with Kellie and Ben Deen at Sav’h River Farms for almost 8 years, as a private and a wholesale customer. Their animal husbandry practices are outstanding and you can literally taste the difference between their meat and the meat of other purveyors in the area. They have an enormous amount of respect for their animal’s welfare AND for their customers. When I needed pancetta for my restaurant they hopped right on it and theirs is every bit as good as any to be found in Italy. When it comes to chicken, pork, or beef, Savannah River Farms is literally the only place I buy from. It is an absolute relief for me to know that the meat I eat was raised humanely and fed a healthy, species specific diet. I consider myself lucky to have them in my food corner. KNOW YOUR FARMERS!

Joel Caplan

Former Proprietor, Cafe Gelatohhh!

I was one of the winners of the hog count contest, and won a supply of sausages. Well we tried the patties this morning and they were wonderful! The patties were spicy but not hot incredibly tasty, moist and not greasy at all. You have made new customers out of myself and my family. Thank you so much I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Frances P.

We are extremely proud of our relationship with SRF. Their product and customer service are superlative and the concern for the welfare of their animals is why they are one of the selective ranches we offer to our customers.

Erik Lyons

Local Farm Bag - Savannah, GA

I am the Executive Sous Chef for Bon Appetit at SCAD. (Savannah College of Art and Design). I work at the largest of three cafeterias on the campus. We buy from Savannah River Farms every week and the meats are prepped and packaged great. You can taste the freshness of the meats and the meats are extremely tender.

Matthias C.

Bon Appetit at SCAD Savannah, GA

I can’t say enough good things about the Deens and Savannah River Farms! The quality of life for the animals that they care so deeply about! The high quality, unbelievably tasty meat we get from them! The peace of mind that my family and the others in my coop are getting the best at the dinner table! The Deens are wonderful people to know and and buy from! We would be very sad without them!

Sharon and the Hearn Family

Thank you and Savannah River Farms for your friendliness and hospitality to our family. The farm experience will be a major part of our family’s 2016 “Get Together”. What a friend we have in found in Savannah River Farms.

Steve E.

When we found out how differently Savannah River Farms cares for their animals, meats and business, compared to other sources, we were absolutely inspired. When we tasted the difference, we were blown away! Everyone in Georgia and the Carolinas should know about a better choice. Thank you SRF for giving us the opportunity to become more aware and make better choices when it comes to eating meat. We’re excited to tell everyone we know!

The Lills

The Lills Design